The London Commercial Chess League was founded in 1924 by a group of enthusiasts who met at the Billiter Café located at 9 Billiter Square EC3. It started with ten teams from ten clubs, but rapidly grew so that by the late 1950s the league ran to seven divisions, with sixty-eight teams from thirty-six clubs taking part.

There was a major reorganisation in 1965, but the league remained buoyant right through to the mid 1980s. Since the late 1980s the league (along with many others) has been in steady decline, time will tell if that trend can be reversed, and the LCCL can see its centenary in a healthier state.


Entry to the league is open to clubs in any Commercial, Public Utility and Public Service Organisation. Individuals belonging to such organisations that do not have a chess club are eligible to join the Honorary Member Club. For details of how to to join contact any of the league officials shown here, or email this site at


Also taking part is the Honorary Members Club for players from companies that are not large enough (or do not have) a club of their own.


President: John McAllister 01206 391 628.
General Secretary: Mike Wickham 01372 727 120.
Treasurer: Peter Eldridge
Match Secretary: Rupert Dickens 07979 542 566.
League Captain: Mike Smith 07881 858 010.