DIVISION I - The Morton Hall Cup
Prior to 1965 this was the Major Section Division 1
Originally called the "Morton Cup", it was renamed the "Morton Hall Cup" in 1979 in honour of the League's long standing President who died the previous year. It was played over 9 boards until the 1993-94 season, when the number was reduced to 8. It was reduced further to 7 boards beginning 2012-13 season.
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SeasonChampions Runners up
1925-1926Motor UnionLloyd's
1926-1927Shell MexPort of London Authority
St Helen's Court
1927-1928St Helen's CourtBowrings
1928-1929BowringsPort of London Authority
1929-1930BowringsGas Light
1930-1931BowringsRoyal Mail SP
1931-1932Bowring'sPort of London Authority
1932-1933Bowring'sPort of London Authority
1933-1934Railways Clearing HouseThomas Cook
1934-1935WH SmithUnilever
1935-1936St Helen's CourtRailways Clearing House
1936-1937WH SmithPort of London Authority
1937-1938Gas LightWH Smith
1938-1939Railways Clearing HouseUnilever
1947-1948LensburyGas Light
1948-1949John LewisLondon & Lancashire
1949-1950LensburyGas Light
1950-1951LensburyJohn Lewis
1951-1952LensburyNorth Thames Gas
1952-1953LensburyJohn Lewis
1953-1954North Thames GasLensbury
1954-1955John LewisLensbury
1956-1957LensburyNorth Thames Gas
1957-1958LensburyNorth Thames Gas
1958-1959LensburyNorth Thames Gas
1959-1960LensburyNational Coal Board
1960-1961LensburyPort of London Authority
1961-1962North Thames GasLensbury
1962-1963National Coal BoardLensbury
1963-1964LensburyNational Coal Board
1964-1965LensburyNational Coal Board
1965-1966National Coal BoardPort of London Authority
1966-1967IBMKing & King
1967-1968King & KingIBM
1968-1969IBMKing & King
1969-1970King & KingIBM
1970-1971King & KingIBM
1971-1972IBMNorth Thames Gas
1972-1973King & KingIBM
1973-1974King & KingPost Office
1974-1975King & KingIBM
1975-1976North Thames GasRailways
1976-1977North Thames GasRailways
1977-1978NALGO (Met. District)Central Electricity
1978-1979Post OfficeRailways
1979-1980Metropolitan PolicePost Office
1980-1981Central ElectricityRailways
1981-1982Metropolitan PoliceNorth Thames Gas
1983-1984Eastern KnightsBP
1986-1987BPEastern Knights
1987-1988NALGO (Met. District)BTHQ
1988-1989Eastern KnightsBP
1989-1990Eastern KnightsBP
1991-1992Eastern KnightsHonorary Members Club
1992-1993Eastern KnightsHonorary Members Club
1993-1994Honorary Members ClubEastern Knights
1994-1995Home OfficeRailways
1995-1996Eastern KnightsRailways
1996-1997Eastern KnightsMetropolitan Police
1997-1998Metropolitan PoliceEastern Knights
1998-1999Home OfficeEastern Knights
1999-2000Eastern KnightsRailways
2000-2001Eastern KnightsBBC
2001-2002Eastern KnightsHonorary Members Club
2002-2003RailwaysEastern Knights
2003-2004RailwaysHonorary Members Club
2004-2005Home OfficeEastern Knights
2005-2006Home OfficeHonorary Members Club
2006-2007Honorary Members ClubRailways
2007-2008Honorary Members ClubRailways
2008-2009Honorary Members ClubRailways
2009-2010RailwaysHome Office & Justice
2010-2011RailwaysHonorary Members Club
2011-2012RailwaysHonorary Members Club
2012-2013BBCHonorary Members Club
2013-2014Honorary Members ClubRailways
2014-2015Honorary Members ClubNALGO (Met District)
2015-2016Honorary Members ClubRailways
2016-2017NALGO (Met. District)Honorary Members Club
2017-2018RailwaysHonorary Members Club