DIVISION III - The Miles Ostle Cup
Prior to 1965 this was the Minor Section Division 1
All Minor Divisions were played over 6 boards. This division was increased to 7 boards following the 1965 reorgansiation. In the 1989-90 season the number was reduced back to 6 boards, and was reduced further still to 5 from 1996-97
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SeasonChampions Runners up
1925-1926Shell Mex IISedgwick Collins
1926-1927Sedgwick CollinsPort of London Authority
1927-1928WJ Bush & CoBonnington
1928-1929St Helen's CourtBonnington
Gas Light
1929-1930Port of London Authority IILloyds II
1930-1931Great Western RailwayNestangelo
1931-1932NestangloJ Lyons II
1932-1933Great Western RailwayRedpath Brown
1933-1934Britanic HouseRedpath Brown
1934-1935Railway Clearing HouseLyons
1935-1936St Helen's Court IILyons
1936-1937LyonsSouthern Railway
1937-1938Britannic HouseRailway Clearing House III
1938-1939Thomas Cook IIBovril
Milk Marketting Board
1947-1948Gas Light IILensbury II
1948-1949London & Lancashire IIGas Light II
1949-1950Union Castle IIBovril
1951-1952Port of London Authority IIGreat Western Railway II
1952-1953Port of London Authority IIBovril
1953-1954Port of London Authority IIL&NE Railway
1954-1955L&NE RailwayBrymay
1955-1956Wiggins TeapePort of London Authority II
1956-1957Port of London Authority IIUnion Castle II
1957-1958Lensbury IIIBank Line
1958-1959Lensbury IIILondon Co-op II
1959-1960ColtonRailway Clearing House
1960-1961Wiggins TeapeRailway Clearing House
1961-1962London Transport (Chiswick)British Drug Houses
1962-1963Railway Clearing HouseLondon Transport (Chiswick)
1963-1964Thomas CookCharterhouse
1964-1965Central ElectricityNorthern and Employers
1965-1966Royal ExchangeSainsbury
1966-1967IBM IIMetropolitan Police II
1967-1968John Lewis IIEsso II
1968-1969Allied SuppliersNew Oxford
1969-1970Temple BarNorth Thames Gas II
1970-19713MLondon Transport (CRS)
1971-1972Post OfficeMetropolitan Police III
1972-1973Post Office IICharrilock
1973-1974Thomas CookCharterhouse
1974-1975London Transport (Chiswick)American Express
1975-1976Port of London Authority IILondon Transport (LER)
1976-1977Abbey NationalLondon Transport (CRS)
1977-1978Eastern KnightsCentral Electricity III
1978-1979National Coal BoardNathismus
1979-1980BP IIRailways II
1980-1981London Telecom RegionNational Coal Board
1981-1982Railways IIIMetropolitan Police III
1982-1983London Transport (CRS)IBM
1983-1984Stewart WrightsonGillette
1984-1985National Coal BoardCentre Area (BT)
1985-1986ETESSALensbury II
1986-1987Honorary Members Club IILondon Transport (CRS) II
1987-1988Railways IIMetropolitan Police II
1988-1989BT (Stats)Thomson
1989-1990NALGO (Met. Dist.) IIThomson
1990-1991BowringCentral Electricity
1991-1992Central ElectricityHonorary Members Club II
1992-1993Lensbury IILensbury III
1993-1994West End DistrictDHSS II
1994-1995Metropolitan Police IIRailways II
1995-1996DHSS IIThomson/AGIP
1996-1997Eastern Knights IIMetropolitan Police II
1997-1998BBCJohn Lewis
1998-1999AsphaliaBTHQ II
1999-2000Honorary Members Club IIBTHQ II