DIVISION V - The Viscount Hambledon Cup
Prior to 1965 this was the Minor Section Division 3
The Callender Cup was awarded to the winners of this division from
1982 following the theft of the Viscount Hambledon Cup.
All Minor Divisions were played over 6 boards, and this
division remained at 6 boards throughout its life.
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SeasonChampionsRunners up
1935-1936Railway Clearing House IIIUnion Castle II
1936-1937WH Smith IIGreat Western Railway IV
1937-1938Marconi IIStandard Telephones II
1938-1939London Transport (CO) VBritannic House
1949-1950Great Western Railway IIIStanhope
1950-1951Wiggins TeapeThomas Cook
1951-1952L&NE Railway IIRailway Clearing House II
1952-1953John Lewis IIIGreat Western Railway IV
1953-1954London Transport (CRS) IVColton II
1954-1955London Transport(CRS) IVKearley & Tonge
1955-1956Port of London Authority IIIArgosy
1956-1957London ElectricityHarrod II
1957-1958CaribonumEscombe McGrath
1958-1959London Electricity IIJohn Lewis III
1959-1960National Coal Board IIRoyal London
1961-1962Northern AssuranceThomas Cook
1962-1963Courage & BarclayGestetner
1963-1964IBMMond Group
1964-1965Audley ClubBP II
1965-1966Railways VPowerflex
1966-19673MNew Oxford
1968-1969Royal Exchange IIUnited Hospitals
1969-1970North Thames Gas II3M
1973-1974London Transport (LER)Post Office III
1974-1975Haden YoungStewart Young
1975-1976BOCEastern Knights
1976-1977NALGO (Met. District)Overseas Containers
1977-1978Babcock & WilcoxCentral Electricity IV
1978-1979London Telecom RegionNALGO II
1979-1980London Postal RegionRailways IV
1980-1981London Transport (CRS)Western District (PO)
1981-1982Lensbury IIIPost Office (Howland Street)
1982-1983BT Centre AreaRailways IV
1983-1984London Transport (CRS) IIIMetropolitan Police IV