DIVISION I - Morton Cup
12345678910111213PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Bowringx58487571292172½10Major Div I
2PLA4x77676581291269Major Div I
3=*Liverpool Victoria1x3555571281358½Major Div I
L&NE Railway2x5545561281359½Major Div I
5Lyons264x69761272365½8Major Div I
6P&O3x6364812624587Major Div I
7Gas Light43x657561253455½Major Div I
8Shell Mex524533x2612426485Major Div I
9St Helen's Court1344064x551240844½4Major Div I
10=*Britannic House24232x51231843Major Div I
Mex44444x61223752Major Div I
12WJ Bush2335374x41221943Major Div II
13Mortons21134435x12111033Major Div II

* It was not until the 1933-34 season that game points were used to separate the relative positions of teams finishing with the same number of match points. Up until then, teams finishing with the same number of match points were declared equal, and appeared in the table in alphabetical order (usually) - this convention has been preserved in these tables. Where a promotion or relegation position was a stake, a play-off was arranged, a practice that continued until 1994.

DIVISION II - League Cup
123456789101112PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Royal Exchangex787578791091070Major Div I
2Thomas Cook2x768681081158Major Div I
3Uniafric2x5581182163½8 *Major Div II
4Railway Clearing House14x7871061354½Major Div II
5Great Western Railway22x65791161457½5½ *Major Div II
6PLA II433x771042448½5Major Div II
7Britannic House II2x7491033448Minor Div II
8Celanese122x961030734½3Major Div III
9=Gas Light II134½½25x461020829½2Major Div III
200 Club21½1405x81020828½2Minor Div I
11Harrods0220331x311011022½½Major Div III
* match results against Colombia were expunged.


DIVISION I - Miles-Ostle Cup
123456789PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Nestanglox45535871032½Minor Div I
2Lyons IIx24635851230½Minor Div I
3Mortons II4x3438422285Minor Div I
4Sedgewick Collins22x3246841328Minor Div I
5St Helen's Court II1033x334824221½4Minor Div I
6Gas Light III14x4830520½3Minor Div I
7=PLA III3½23x63813421½Minor Div I
Liverpool Victoria II3230x3813418½Minor Div II
9P&O II11302233x803515Minor Div II

12345678PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1WH Smithx665667700387Major Div III
2=Swiss Bank0x33457421235Minor Div I
Redpath Brown0x456750227½5Minor Div I
4L&NE Railway II2x3454731322Minor Div II
5Thomas Cook II133x433714218½3Withdrawn
6Mex II03½22x5721417Withdrawn
7Britannic House III½21131x6711514½Withdrawn
8WJ Bush II010230x7016½Withdrawn