DIVISION I - Morton Cup
12345678910111213PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Bowringx555876912111073½11½Major Div IWithdrawn
2PLA4x55571292166½10Major Div IMajor Div I
3Liverpool Victoria4x661282264½9Major Div IMajor Div I
4L&NE Railwayx5554981281364Major Div IMajor Div I
5P&O44x46681261562Major Div IMajor Div I
6=Thomas Cook45x44691243558Major Div IIMajor Div I
Lyons14435x5591251655Major Div IMajor Div I
Shell Mex243x961251653½Major Div IMajor Div I
Mex43554x51251652Major Div IMajor Div I
10Gas Light3040x1233646Major Div IMajor Div I
11Britannic House13x31222841½3Major Div IMinor Div I
12St Helen's Court3034x12129392Major Div IMajor Div I
13Royal Exchange02106x12101126½1Major Div IIMinor Div I

DIVISION II - League Cup
123456PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Railway Clearing Housex5-45½-3½6-36-37-21091058Major Div IIMajor Div I
2Uniafric3½-5½x4½-4½4-57-29-01061362Major Div IIWithdrawn
3PLA II3½-5½3-6x5½-3½6½-2½6½-2½10523506Major Div IIMajor Div II
4Great Western Railway2-72½-6½3½-5½x6-37-21050548½5Major Div IIMajor Div II
5Mortons3-6½-8½4½-4½2-7x9-010127342Major Div IMinor Div I
6WJ Bush4½-4½0-92-70-94½-4½x1002817½1Major Div IWithdrawn

DIVISION III - Lensbury and Britannic House AC Cup
123456PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1WH Smithx8-19-07-25½-3½8½-½1010008010Minor Div IIMajor Div II
2John Lewis2-7x5-48-15-46½-2½10703517NewMajor Div II
Calanese0-91½-7½5-4x5-44½-4½1041532Major Div IIMajor Div II
5Gas Light II1-84-59-04-5x4½-4½1022645½3Major Div IIMajor Div II
6Harrods0-92-71-84-52-7x1002824½1Major Div IIMajor Div III


DIVISION I - Miles-Ostle Cup
1234567891011PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1GW Railway II *x444610901409NewMajor Div III
2Redpath Brown *2x4564610901459Minor Div IIMinor Div I
3Swiss Bankx25465510802438Minor Div IIMajor Div III
4Lyons II24x432541061332½Minor Div IWithdrawn
5Nestanglo½1x44341051430½Minor Div IMinor Div I
6=200 Club222x3553610325334Major Div IIMinor Div I
Gas Light III2123x536410325314Minor Div IMinor Div I
8PLA III20½3311x3541023522½Minor Div IMinor Div I
9Mortons II2042133x411022622½3Minor Div IWithdrawn
10Sedgewick Collins0011½3012x61011814½Minor Div IMinor Div II
11St Helen's Court II½1202250x1010915½1Minor Div IMinor Div II
* Great Western Railway II won the play-off 4½-1½

123456789PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1L&NE Railway IIx34645871035½Minor Div IIMajor Div III
2WH Smith II3x3553843130½NewMinor Div I
3Britannic House II23x44348422255Major Div IIWithdrawn
4Great Western Railway III012x48503235NewMinor Div I
5Swiss Bank II2x34841324½NewMinor Div II
6Liverpool Victoria II1x03821518½Minor Div IMinor Div II
7Amalgamted Press2336x1812520½2NewMinor Div II
8P&O II233x812519½2Minor Div IMajor Div III
9Gas Light IV1225x8206192NewMinor Div II