DIVISION I - Morton Cup
123456789101112PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1WH Smithx46657571110016410Major Div IIMajor Div I
2Unilever5x6556571183059Major Div IMajor Div I
3Gas Light33x56551163253½Major Div IMajor Div I
4St Helen's Courtx46611524516Major Div IMajor Div I
5PLA35x3535611524486Major Div IMajor Div I
6Railway Clearing House446x861143453Major Div IMajor Div I
7Shell Mex243x3711425485Major Div IMajor Div I
8Liverpool Victoria4444x5661141651Major Div IMajor Div I
9Great Western Railway36164x51132642½4Major Div IIMajor Div I
10Thomas Cook43434x2611227443Major Div IMajor Div I
11P&O23337x61122741½3Major Div IMajor Div I
12L&NE Railway242333x1120938½2Major Div IMajor Div II

DIVISION II - League Cup
123456PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1London & Lancashirex5-45½-3½5½-3½8-16-31081159Major Div IIIMajor Div I
2John Lewis Partnership4-5x5-45½-3½6-35-41071251Major Div IIMajor Div I
3PLA II4½-4½3½-5½x6-36½-2½4½-4½1052352½6Major Div IIMajor Div II
4Great Western Railway II5-44½-4½2-7x5-44½-4½10424455Major Div IIIMajor Div II
5L&NE Railway II½-8½2½-6½3-62-7x5½-3½10208292Major Div IIIMajor Div III
6Gas Light II2-74-52-72-74-5x1002833½1Major Div IIMajor Div II

DIVISION III - Lensbury and Britannic House AC Cup
123456PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1London Transport (CO)x6½-2½5½-3½7-27½-1½9-01010006610NewMajor Div II
2Britannic House 3½-5½x3-65½-3½5½-3½8-110703547Minor Div IMajor Div II
3Great Western Railway III3-63-6x4-56-36-310505505Minor Div IMajor Div III
4Harrods3-62½-6½6½-2½x6½-2½7½-1½1041544½Major Div IIIMajor Div II
5WH Smith II3½-5½3½-5½½-8½4½-4½x6-31021733½Minor Div IWithdrawn
6P&O II1½-7½1-81½-7½5½-3½4-5x10109221Major Div IIIMajor Div II


DIVISION I - Miles-Ostle Cup
1234567891011PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Railway Clearing House IIx5551090145½9Minor Div IIMajor Div III
2Lyonsx3444651081142Major Div IMinor Div I
3Liverpool Victoria II13x646431052335½6Minor Div IIMinor Div I
4Mortons12x34234410523326Minor Div IMajor Div II
5Gas Light III13x23631043333Minor Div IMajor Div III
6Calanese½024x3441051426Major Div IIMinor Div I
7Nestanglo24x51040627½4Minor Div IMinor Div I
8Royal Exchange½2233x531023527Minor Div IMinor Div I
9Amalgamted Press002031x31022619½3Minor Div IIMinor Div II
10PLA III½½2½3233x1013621½Minor Div IMinor Div I
11200 Club13221x1011820½Minor Div IMinor Div I

1234567891011PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Union Castlex455610901469New *Major Div II
2Gas Light IVx455410901429Minor Div IIMinor Div I
3St Katherines2x34551061336½New *Withdrawn
4Underground Elec Rlwys½x361061336NewMajor Div III
5Britannia23x325441052333½6NewMinor Div I
6Royal London1x44610505325Minor Div IIWithdrawn
7St Helen's Court II½133x54610424305Minor Div IIMinor Div I
8Shell Mex II24½x3551041529½Minor Div IIMinor Div I
9Great Western Railway IV12½½1213x3610127202Minor Div IIWithdrawn
10London Transport (CO) II11½22213x61011820NewMajor Div III
11Sedgewick Collins0½10200100x1000100Minor Div IIMinor Div III
* denotes a team returning to the league.