DIVISION I - Morton Cup
123456789101112PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1WH Smithx257577371190261½9Major Div IMajor Div I
2PLAx7556771181260½Major Div IMajor Div I
3Union Castle2x55545411704507Major Div IIMajor Div I
4St Helen's Court74x64671161457½Major Div IMajor Div I
5Railway Clearing House443x7753771161457Major Div IMajor Div I
6Unilever242x555911524506Major Div IMajor Div I
7Shell Mex4342x3971141651Major Div IMajor Div I
8Gas Light24446x661141650Major Div IMajor Div I
9Liverpool Victoria225564x371140741½4Major Div IMajor Div I
10Great Western Railway4306x1123640½Major Div IMajor Div I
11London Transport (CO)62432x11227403Major Div IIMajor Div I
12London & Lancashire22522023x1130834½3Major Div IMajor Div II

DIVISION II - League Cup
12345678910PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Underground Elec Rlwysx6757971151½Major Div IIIMajor Div I
2L&NE Railway *x6544960348½6Major Div IIMajor Div I
3Harrods *33x5665960342½6Major Div IIMajor Div II
4Railway Clearing House II4x94943247Major Div IIIMajor Div II
5P&O54x3654933340½Major Div IMajor Div II
6Thomas Cook36x9559405394Major Div IMajor Div II
7Great Western Railway II253030x55940528½4Major Div IIMajor Div II
8Britannic House44544x7930638½3Major Div IIMinor Div I
9PLA II2544x921635½Major Div IIMajor Div II
10Gas Light II42x912633½2Major Div IIMajor Div II
* L&NE Railway won the play-off 6-3.

DIVISION III - Lensbury and Britannic House AC Cup
1234567891011PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Marconix477871090169½9NewMajor Div II
2Harrods IIx35586551071251½Minor Div IIMajor Div III
3Courtaulds½6x84651062250½7NewMajor Div II
4Great Western Railway III541x5854561070348½7Major Div IIIMinor Div III
5Gas Light III2454x4710424465Major Div IIIMajor Div III
6London Transport (CO) II131x991041545½Major Div IIIMajor Div II
7Britannia2345x541041543Minor Div IMajor Div II
8PLA III15x4510325374Minor Div IMajor Div III
9St Helen's Court II2404x1023539Minor Div IMajor Div II
10L&NE Railway II44255x710307363Major Div IIIMajor Div III
11P&O II43042x10001028½0Major Div IIMajor Div III


DIVISION I - Miles-Ostle Cup
1234567891011PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Lyonsx335510820449Minor Div IMajor Div III
2Southern Railway3x43454351073040Minor Div IIMajor Div III
3Nestanglo32x33443451054134½7Minor Div IMinor Div I
4Royal Exchange33x23551043333Minor Div IMinor Div I
5Shell Mex II½23x441051429Minor Div IMinor Div I
6Thomas Cook II122x42510505305Minor Div IIMinor Div I
7London and Lancashire II12242x061050528½5Minor Div IIWithdrawn
8200 Club334x241032527½4Minor Div IMinor Div I
9Underground Elec Rlwys II13264x11021727Minor Div IIMajor Div III
10Liverpool Victoria II1212x41020821½2Minor Div IWithdrawn
11WJ Bush½½111052x10109151Minor Div IIMinor Div I

1234567891011PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1London Co-opx34534510820449NewMajor Div III
2Standard Telephones3x4435661072143½8NewMajor Div III
3Union Castle II22x643651071239½Minor Div IIIMinor Div I
4Gas Light IV1x345551061335Minor Div IMinor Div I
5Railway Clearing House III303x43461053233½Minor Div IIIMinor Div I
6Bovril2222x445410505305NewMinor Div I
7Unilever II332x2231023527Minor Div IIMinor Div I
8John Lewis213124x3½410226223Major Div IWithdrawn
9London Transport (CO) III1043x3610226253Minor Div IIIMajor Div III
10P&O III½0012133x210127182Minor Div IIIWithdrawn
11Sedgewick Collins½½1102204x1010912½1Minor Div IIIMinor Div II

DIVISION III - Vicount Hambleden Cup
123456PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1WH Smith IIx3-33½-2½5-15-14-21072138½8New *Minor Div II
2Great Western Railway IV4½-1½x0-64-24½-1½4½-1½10622357New *Withdrawn
3London Transport (CO) IV2-44½-1½x2-45-15-11061341½NewMinor Div II
4Harrods III2½-3½3-3½-5½x3-34-210424305NewMinor Div II
5Underground Elec Rlwys III3-32-43-32-4x2½-3½1013625NewMinor Div II
6St Helen's Court III0-60-60-60-60-6x10109101NewWithdrawn
* denotes a team returning to the league.