DIVISION I - Morton Cup
12345678910111213PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Lensbury Ix7688791211108311½Major Div IMajor Div I
2PLAx375768571210026710Major Div IMajor Div I
3National Coal Board6x6467812822699Major Div IMajor Div I
4John Lewis2x561264257½8Major Div IMajor Div I
5North Thames Gas244x471271468½Major Div IMajor Div I
6Lensbury II3235x7512705557Major Div IMajor Div I
7British & Commonwealth1½2x561261548Major Div IMajor Div I
8London Transport (CRS)154x561260651½6Major Div IMajor Div I
9Bowaters233½x561240842½4Major Div IIMajor Div I
10Esso13x71230946½3Major Div IMajor Div I
11Central Electricity424x12201040½2Major Div IIMinor Div I
12London Co-op0224342x12201039½2Major Div IMajor Div I
13British Drug Houses133x12111033½Major Div IMinor Div I

DIVISION II - League Cup
12345678PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1National Coal Board IIx3-67½-1½5-44-57-27-26-31410137810½Minor Div IIIMajor Div II
2Lensbury III4-5x5½-3½4-56½-2½6½-2½6-33½-5½1410047910Major Div IIMajor Div II
3Harrodian5-45-4x6-34-55½-3½7-25½-3½14824719Major Div IIMajor Div I
4John Lewis II4-50-94½-4½x4½-4½3-65½-3½5½-3½1453657Major Div IIMajor Div II
5CBS2-73½-5½3-64-5x6½-2½7-22½-6½1451857Major Div IIMajor Div II
6North Thames Gas II3-63-64½-4½7-25-4x0-95½-3½1451856½Major Div IIMajor Div II
7Imperial Club4½-4½2½-6½5-42½-6½4-51-8x6-31441956Major Div IIMajor Div II
8Eastern Region Railway2-73-60-94½-4½6½-2½5-40-9x1441949½Major Div IIMajor Div II


DIVISION I - Miles-Ostle Cup
12345678910111213PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Wiggins Teape *x22334444631273242Minor Div IMajor Div II
2Railway Clearing House *4x33453661273246Minor Div IMinor Div I
3Sainsbury *43x433451273242½Minor Div IMajor Div II
4London Transport (Chiswick) *x3541281339½Minor Div IMinor Div I
5Caribonum3x434231263340Minor Div IMajor Div II
6London Electric3332x426441253439½Minor Div IIWithdrawn
7Colton2222x4412606396Minor Div IMinor Div I
8Royal Exchange2342x2351252538½6New*Minor Div I
9PLA II21334x31243533Minor Div IMinor Div I
10Brymay322x312426335Major Div IIMinor Div I
11Great Western Railway2014023x312228253Major Div IMinor Div I
12Lensbury IV0232½33x1213827Minor Div IMinor Div I
13Bank Line301213x12129232Minor Div IMinor Div I
* Wiggins Teape won the four-way play-off.

12345678910111213PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Sainsbury IIx5564412100248½10Minor Div IIIMinor Div I
2London Transport (CRS) IIx23546551281345½Minor Div IMinor Div I
3Royal Londonx1351243641272341½8Minor Div IIIMinor Div II
4Aquarius145x5335212624427Minor Div IIIMinor Div II
5Henletel331x5343641254340½7Minor Div IIWithdrawn
6John Lewis III13x316441262438½7Minor Div IIIWithdrawn
7PLA III153x23631253437½Minor Div IIMinor Div II
8Railway Clearing House II143154x6241251635½Minor Div IIMinor Div II
9London Midland Region22133x3051243534Minor Div IIIMinor Div II
10Brymay II0½3203x601232726½4Minor Div IIWithdrawn
11Caribonum II004320060x312327244Minor Div IIIWithdrawn
12Great Western Railway II21046x31221928Minor Div IIMinor Div II
13Lensbury V2122232133x1213826Minor Div IIMinor Div II

Division III - The Viscount Hambleden Cup
123456789101112PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Bensonx324461191144Minor Div IVMinor Div II
2Charterhouse Group3x1454461181243NewMinor Div II
3Bowring45x33431163239½Minor Div IVMajor Div II
4Lensbury VI2x133451162337½7Minor Div IIIMinor Div III
5Special Branch25x0440551170435½7Minor Div IVMinor Div II
6Imperial Club II13½6x644311425335Minor Div IIIWithdrawn
7Esso II½½2x442511506325Minor Div IIIMinor Div III
8National Coal Board III22322x2561141635½Minor Div IVMinor Div III
9Bowaters II½2360½4x31132626½4Minor Div IVWithdrawn
10Abbey National322½x331123627Minor Div IVMinor Div III
11London Electric II22124133x611227283Minor Div IVWithdrawn
12Balfour Beatty0031131030x1103814½Minor Div IIIMinor Div III

Division IV - The Callender Cup
123456789101112PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Northern Assurancex4454654611100151½10NewMinor Div III
2Thomas Cook2x35434561172242½8New *Minor Div III
3Clarnico3x43455241172241½8New *Major Div II
4West Ham Hospital212x53336651153341½NewMinor Div III
5Sainsbury III1231x46442661161439NewMinor Div IV
6Courage & Barclay2232x245551151535NewMinor Div IV
7Charterhouse Group II03½04x224661151531NewMinor Div IV
8PLA IV½2½3224x3411425305Minor Div IVMinor Div IV
9British & Commonwealth II½1324x2651141633New *Minor Div IV
10Wakefields1110412½4x641140724½4New *Minor Div IV
11Griffith United2040010300x311128132Minor Div IVWithdrawn
12London Midland Region II0210102123x11011013½½Minor Div IVWithdrawn
* denotes a team returning to the league.