DIVISION I - Morton Cup
123456789101112PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Lensbury *x6451191163Major Div IMajor Div I
2National Coal Board *x5761183065Major Div IMajor Div I
3Essox641172266½8Major Div IMajor Div I
4North Thames Gasx7696811641638Major Div IMajor Div I
5PLA332x581161454Major Div IMajor Div I
6John Lewis54x48811524576Major Div IMajor Div I
7Bowring425x51143449½Major Div IMinor Div I
8BP54x81141649Major Div IMajor Div I
9London Co-op½34x461132643½4Major Div IMajor Div I
10Sainsbury305x551131737Major Div IMinor Div II
11British & Commonwealth½311134x11101025½1Major Div IMajor Div I
12British Drug Houses11½4x110011210Major Div IIMajor Div I
* Lensbury won the play-off 7-2.

DIVISION II - League Cup
12345678PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Railwaysx7-26½-2½7-25½-3½5-49-08-114131093½13½N/A **Major Div I
2Lensbury II3-6x3-65½-3½3-64½-4½6½-2½8-11482468½9Major Div IIMajor Div II
3North Thames Gas II3-62½-6½x4-56½-2½1-88-19-01481572Major Div IIMajor Div II
4London Transport (Chiswick)3-63½-5½3-6x5-45-45½-3½8-11471665½Minor Div IMajor Div II
5Wiggins Teape0-93½-5½1½-7½5-4x3½-5½7-27-21470763½7Major Div IIMinor Div I
6National Coal Board II4½-4½4½-4½4-52-74-5x7½-1½7½-1½1453668½Major Div IIMajor Div II
7John Lewis II2-73½-5½4½-4½2½-6½1½-7½5½-3½x7-214311043Major Div IIMajor Div II
8BP II2-73½-5½2½-6½4½-4½1½-7½4-53-6x14011329½½Major Div IIMinor Div III


DIVISION I - Miles-Ostle Cup
123456789101112PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Thomas Cookx45446611110052½11Minor Div IIMajor Div II
2Charterhouse Groupx4363431163238½Minor Div IMajor Div II
3Central Electricity½x46411170436½7Minor Div IMinor Div I
4PLA II22x343341153336Minor Div IMajor Div II
5Northern and Employers½3x4441161433½Minor Div IIMinor Div I
6Special Branch1023x041161429½Minor Div IWithdrawn
7Railways II2322x34411425325N/A **Major Div II
8Royal Exchange2363x20511326314Minor Div IMinor Div I
9CBS23224x441131729Minor Div IWithdrawn
10Caribonum030262x421131726½Major Div IIWithdrawn
11Sainsbury II2222x1130825½3Minor Div IWithdrawn
12Allied Suppliers052124x1120925½2NewMinor Div I

1234567891011PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Bensonx345641081140½Minor Div IIMinor Div I
2Lensbury IIIx4561080237½8Minor Div IIMinor Div I
3PLA III3x4643341063136½Minor Div IIMinor Div I
4Courage & Barclay22x426541070336½7Minor Div IIIWithdrawn
5Brymay0x45351051430½Minor Div IIMinor Div II
6British & Commonwealth II½22x2661050532½5Minor Div IIIMinor Div II
7Imperial Club1244x015410406264Minor Div IIMinor Div II
8Aquarius23016x5½1031626Minor Div IIWithdrawn
9Gestetner01313051x031013617Minor Div IIIWithdrawn
10Bank Line02116x1020822½2Minor Div IIWithdrawn
11Railways III22023x1011824½N/A **Minor Div I

Division III - The Viscount Hambleden Cup
123456789101112PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1IBMx554561111005411Minor Div IVMinor Div II
2Mond Groupx234446311722418Minor Div IVMinor Div II
3Four Poster14x34531172238½8Minor Div IVMinor Div II
4Abbey National133x341163236Minor Div IIIMinor Div II
5Railways IV½2x½5461170436½7N/A **Minor Div II
6National Coal Board III222x0661160537½6Minor Div IIIWithdrawn
7Lensbury IV½2x5611506375Minor Div IIIMinor Div II
8Parsons Powergas1½6x351141629½Minor Div IVMinor Div III
9Castrol½31x341132625½4Minor Div IIIMinor Div III
10BP III022013x641121822½Minor Div IVMinor Div IV
11Thomas Cook II1300030x51112819½2Minor Div IVWithdrawn
12Charterhouse Group II03½1221x11011018½½Minor Div IVWithdrawn

Division IV - The Callender Cup
12345678PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Audley Clubx3½-2½5-14-23-35½-0½5-15-114131063½13½NewMinor Div III
2North Thames Gas III1½-4½x4½-1½1½-4½3-35-15-16-01410135410½New *Minor Div III
3IBM II1-52-4x3½-2½4-22-46-05½-½1481547NewMinor Div IV
4PLA IV1½-4½2-43-3x3-34-24½-1½5½-½1463545½Minor Div IVMinor Div IV
5Esso II1½-4½2-42½-3½3-3x3-35-13-314365416New *Major Div II
6Powerflex2-42-42½-3½2-44-2x3½-2½5-11451839NewMinor Div IV
7British Drug Houses II1-52-41½-4½4½-1½2½-3½3½-2½x3½-2½14401030½4NewWithdrawn
8BP IV1-51-50-61½-4½1½-4½1-51-5x14011315½½NewWithdrawn
* denotes a team returning to the league.
** "Railways" Chess Association previously competed under each of its separate regions in previous years.