DIVISION I - Morton Cup
12345678910111213PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1National Coal Board *x6544165651290359½9Major Div IDivision I
2PLA *x5455754912903699Major Div IDivision I
3Lensbury34x36666651281360½Major Div IDivision I
4=BP56x44645681270560½7Major Div IDivision I
North Thames Gas445x66731262460½7Major Div IDivision I
6John Lewis535x644491261560Major Div IDivision I
7British & Commonwealth43x49661261558Major Div IDivision I
8Lyons52333x551260651½6Major Div IIDivision I
9Central Electricity84355x41251656Minor Div IDivision I
10Railways3534355x41241748Major Div IDivision I
11Esso43325045x61241745½Major Div IDivision I
12London Co-op3634x1221940Major Div IDivision II
13Thomas Cook40410353x12111033Major Div IIWithdrawn
* The play-off result is 4½-4½. NCB win on board elimination.

DIVISION II - League Cup
12345678910111213PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1IBMx654777812111074½11½Minor Div IIDivision I
2King and King2x777812110173½11Minor Div IVDivision I
3Charterhouse Group31x55876612804618Major Div IIDivision II
4Metropolitan Policex355851280459½8Major Div IIDivision II
5Lensbury II5x812705517Major Div IIDivision II
6Railways II413x571261551½Major Div IIDivision II
7London Transport (Chiswick)3x27712606476Major Div IIDivision II
8North Thames Gas II1006x6551250738½5Major Div IIDivision II
9PLA II113x3451241740Major Div IIDivision II
10London Transport (CRS)3125x5312408374New *Division II
11National Coal Board II1½2033x612309353Major Div IIWithdrawn
12BP II1½31432x61221931½Minor Div IIIDivision II
13John Lewis II002½½13352x121011241Major Div IIDivision III
* denotes a team returning to the league.

DIVISION III - Miles-Ostle Cup
12345678910111213PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Royal Exchangex7644571210115910½Minor Div IDivision II
2Sainsbury0x4535667712100258½10Minor Div IIDivision II
3ACEx14547661291255½Minor Div IVDivision III
4British Drug Houses36x37554612903579Major Div IDivision III
5Bell234x4341712804508Minor Div IVDivision III
6Railways III4203x45567412804488Minor Div IDivision III
7Northern and Employers1½243x377712606486Minor Div IDivision III
8British & Commonwealth II323224x442712507395Minor Div IIDivision III
9Castrol102½3x6571231832½Minor Div IIIDivision III
10Brymay1½33x5701221930Minor Div IIWithdrawn
11Abbey National30110512x61221926½Minor Div IIDivision III
12London Transport (CRS) II20136000201x4122010192New *Withdrawn
13Esso II0½1030073x12111023Major Div IIDivision III
* denotes a team returning to the league.

123456789101112PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1IBM IIx24545651110014810Minor Div IVDivision III
2Allied Suppliers4x24544611902459Minor Div IDivision IV
3International Nickel4x44335511722408NewDivision IV
4Four Poster2x32404551161436½Minor Div IIDivision IV
5Bowring2123x3315431134431½5Minor Div IDivision IV
6Audley Club12243x432011425305Minor Div IIIWithdrawn
7Lensbury III232½x4341142528½5Minor Div IDivision IV
8PLA III1½63x461141635Minor Div IDivision IV
9Wiggins Teape23½522x1131730Minor Div IDivision IV
10North Thames Gas III½2132x11131725Minor Div IIIDivision IV
11Railways IV011243½5x21131723½Minor Div IIDivision IV
12Benson101136204x1121823Minor Div IWithdrawn

Division V - The Viscount Hambleden Cup
1234567PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Railways Vx3-33-33-33½-2½3-35-11266043½9Minor Div IIIDivision IV
2Powerflex1½-4½x3-34-24½-1½3-33½-2½1273242Minor Div IVWithdrawn
33M3-33½-2½x3½-2½2½-3½1-56-01243537½NewDivision V
4American Express2-41½-4½3½-2½x4-23-34-21243535½NewDivision IV
5Babcock & Wilcox1-51½-4½3½-2½0-6x3½-2½6-01251632NewDivision V
6Gamage2½-3½2-41-53-32-4x5-11225535Minor Div IVWithdrawn
7Lensbury IV3-32-44-25-13-33-3x1223726½Minor Div IIDivision IV

Division VI - The Callender Cup
1234567PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Railways VIIx4-24-24-24-23-34-21293044½10½NewDivision IV
2Railways VI3-3x3½-2½4-25-14-24-21282243½9NewDivision IV
3Metropolitan Police II3-32½-3½x3½-2½5-15½-½5-11271444½New *Division III
4Sainsbury II2½-3½5-11½-4½x0-62½-3½3-31241735NewWithdrawn
5London Transport (Chiswick) II2½-3½3-31-51-5x3-34-21223730NewWithdrawn
6Aquarius1½-4½1-52½-3½2-43-3x4-21223727½New *Division IV
7British Drug Houses II2-4½-5½3½-2½1-53½-2½4½-1½x1231827New *Division IV
* denotes a team returning to the league.