DIVISION I - Morton Cup
12345678910111213PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1NALGO (Met District)x857775812101174½10½Division VDivision I
2Central Electricityx4666712100269½10Division IDivision I
3Metropolitan Police5x646771291267Division IDivision I
4Railways I13x555712903629Division IDivision I
5North Thames Gas44x96761271468Division IDivision I
6Post Office25x447661270554½7Division IDivision I
7London Transport (LER)235x55612525496Division IIDivision I
8BP23½454x47712507515Division IDivision I
9Charterhouse Group4402x5571250750½5Division IDivision I
10Lensbury3233454x1241752½Division IDivision I
11John Lewis132332x512201033½2Division IDivision I
12Railways II24x612101137½1Division IIDivision II
13Lyons22322½43x12021032½1Division IDivision II

DIVISION II - League Cup
123456789101112PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1IBMx657511100158½10Division IDivision I
2PLAx441451153345Division IIDivision II
3Central Electricity II24x2453581152446½6Division IIIDivision II
4Post Office II46x4532511524456Division IIDivision II
5Abbey Nationalx30811605436Division IIIDivision I
6BOC3744x4861143452Division IVDivision II
7Lensbury II43x½661151542½Division IIDivision II
8Esso15x461151541½Division IIWithdrawn
9Metropolitan Police II33654x31141646½Division IDivision II
10North Thames Gas II584x1141644Division IIDivision II
11Sainsbury333025x511407364Division IIIDivision III
12National Coal Board002223x1120927½2Division IIIDivision III

DIVISION III - Miles-Ostle Cup
12345678910PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Eastern Knightsx5457970242½7Division IVDivision II
2Central Electricity IIIx553537961241½Division IVDivision II
3London Transport (Chiswick)2x676951338½Division IIDivision III
4BP II2x66759423385Division IIIDivision III
5Metropolitan Police III21x5377942336½5Division IIIDivision III
6Nathismus3412x0777950436½5NewDivision III
7John Lewis II27x79423355Division IIIDivision III
8Haden Young20140x7923424½Division IVDivision III
9Aquarius041000x7921618Division IIWithdrawn
10Alexander Howden Group½0200000x900940Division IIIDivision IV

123456PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Railways IIIx3-33½-2½4-23-34½-1½1064036½8Division IVDivision III
2PLA II3-3x4-23-34-24½-1½1054134½7Division VDivision III
3Stewart Wrightson1½-4½4-2x3-34½-1½5½-½10523346Division IVDivision IV
4Post Office III3-33-33-3x5-13½-2½1035232New *Division III
5John Lewis III1½-4½1½-4½2-44-2x3-31022623½3Division IVDivision IV
6New Scotland Yard2½-3½2½-3½2-41½-4½2-4x1001919½½New *Division IV
* denotes a team returning to the league.

DIVISION V - The Viscount Hambleden Cup
12345678PWDLGamesPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Babcock & Wilcoxx4-23½-2½3½-2½3-34½-1½4-26-014121155½12½Division VDivision IV
2Central Electricity IV3½-2½x5-11-54½-1½3½-2½4½-1½6-014102254½11NewDivision IV
3Railways IV2-42-4x1-52½-3½4½-1½4½-1½4½-1½1480645½8Division VDivision IV
4Kleinwort Benson2½-3½2-42-4x1-53-32-45-114626467Division IVDivision IV
5Metropolitan Police IV2-43-31½-4½2-4x1½-4½5-1½-5½1453640Division VDivision IV
6London Transport (LER) II½-5½3-32-41½-4½1½-4½x4½-1½4½-1½14428355Division VDivision IV
7Bowring2½-3½½-5½1-53-32-45-1x3½-2½14329324Division VDivision IV
8Allen & Overy2-41-52½-3½1½-4½3-32½-3½3-3x14121127½2Division VDivision IV

Casual Division
1London Transport (LER)107037
4National Coal Board93063
5=Haden Young82062
John Lewis42022
9Metropolitan Police11001

Details of the match scores are not available. This table has been reproduced as it appears in the 1978-79 Yearbook, however there is clearly a error somewhere as BOC cannot win and draw three matches from a total of five. Nor can they score five points from such results. And nor can they draw three matches if all the other teams have drawn none. It is tempting to think that the error is simply that BOC played five and won five, but then the total number of won matches would exceed half the total number of matches played, which is also impossible.