DIVISION I - Morton Cup
12345678910PWDLGamesPensPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Eastern Knightsx6767599005509Division IDivision I
2Metropolitan Police2x68458961247½0Division IDivision I
3Railways1x555495043305Division IDivision I
4Home Officex4685941441½0Division IDivision I
5DHSS2234x5659414350Division IDivision I
6NALGO (Met District)02x4569513331Division IDivision II
7BTHQ *½4234x5049333270Division IDivision I
8Lensbury3232x192072402Division IIDivision I
9Honorary Members Club *130206x4921622½2Division IDivision I
10BP2033333x910827½½Division IDivision I

* The match between BTHQ and HMC was abandoned after 30 minutes due to the sudden death of HMC player Mike Szyskin who suffered a massive heart attack at the board. As a replay could not be arranged in time the score was recorded 0-0, and each team was given a half match point.

DIVISION II - League Cup
123456PWDLGamesPensPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1West End Districtx2-42½-3½4½-1½5-16-010712410Division IIDivision I
2BTHQ II1½-4½x1-43-34½-½6-01071235½0Division IDivision II
3NALGO (Met District) II3-31½-4½x5-14½-1½4-21061335½0Division IIWithdrawn
4DHSS II1½-4½2½-3½3½-2½x3½-2½3½-2½1051427½0Division IIIDivision II
5Railways II2-42½-3½3½-2½2-4x6-01020823½02Division IIDivision II
6Metropolitan Police II1-52-41-52½-3½4-2x1010915Division IIDivision II

DIVISION III - Miles-Ostle Cup
12345PWDLGamesPensPointsLast SeasonNext Season
1Eastern Knights IIx3-23-22½-2½2½-2½843123½0Division IIIDivision II
2Metropolitan Police III2½-2½x4-11-44½-½84222405Division IIIDivision III
3Thomson3-22½-2½x3-23½-1½8413200Division IIIDivision III
4John Lewis1½-3½1-45-0x1½-3½831421½0Division IIDivision III
5Railways III½-4½1½-3½0-51-4x811611½1Division IIIWithdrawn