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Last Updated: 9th August 2018

On June 5th 2018, The Executive Committee of the London Commercial Chess League took the unhappy, but nonetheless necessary decision, to dissolve the League. With the withdrawal of DHSS, BBC and TFL, the League was left with just three clubs, with four, possibly five teams for next season. This is clearly insufficient for a meaningful league, and would only delay the inevitable if we attempted to run for another season.

    It is clear that the League has run its course in the face of the changed nature of the modern world. With fewer and fewer commercial enterprises based in London, and even fewer of then having "works teams", which used to be so common for every sport in the past, the League has effectively lost its raison d'Ítre. Add to this the ever increasing security issues surrounding access to company buildings in the evenings, the Committee felt it had to face the fact that the writing, that has been on the wall for some years now, must now be taken notice of.


In 1967 the following notice appeared on the inside back cover of the League's Yearbook, "ELECTRIC BUZZER. A buzzer for Lightning Tournaments is available to all clubs - charge 10s. It is stored at BP House, Ropemaker Street, E.C.2, and all enquiries should be made to Mr. F. W. Charlewood (League Captain).

That buzzer has been used by the League for its Lightning Tournaments to this day, and still works perfectly well. Its final outing will be the final competition of the London Commercial Chess League, the Sir Eric Drake Trophy, the League's long standing Individual Lightning tournament. The details are as follows;

Date: Tuesday 4th September
Time: 6.30
Venue: BT Centre, 81 Newgate Street, EC1A 7AJ.

Details of the format etc can be found here.

A final comprehensive Yearbook will be available shortly after this event, along with a CD of this website. Unlike previous years the League will not have sufficient funds to provide this free to all affiliated clubs, therefore a charge of £2 will be made (which includes postage).

Finally, this website will be taken down at the end of this month, as we must shortly after bid farewell to our much loved League.

The shape of the LCCL:


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