BP-Shell Cup

The BP-Shell Cup is the traditional season opener for the LCCL. It is a lightning tournamant for teams of four, played using a buzzer set to ten seconds. The buzzer sounds for about a second, during which time you must make your move (not before, or after). The format is intentionally different, and produces some entertaining results. It can play havoc with the nerves, which is half the fun, and is why it should not be taken too seriously.

Sir Eric Drake Trophy

The Sir Eric Drake Trophy is played under identical conditions as the BP-Shell Cup, but is for individuals. It is a seeded tournament, with the highest graded player playing the seven next highest graded players, the lowest graded player playing the seven lowest graded players immediately above him, and those in the middle playing those graded around them - see the diagram below. This event is traditionally played in the run up to the Christmas festivities. It too produces some entertaining results, and should likewise be taken with a light heart.

Games played in these events are not graded.

The matrix below shows the pairings for a seven round, fourteen player tournament, with players arranged A to N according to their grade.