The following tables show the results of all players in this year's league and cup competitions.

MH is the Martin Hall Trophy score.
WbD stands for Wins by Default. These count towards the MH score, but not the % scored.

Akintoye, Oscar.85Transport for London16000
Ashley, Mark S.135DHSS16 0.171
Bahra, Pardeep S.178Railways32.6766.671.200
Baker, Martin G.159Honorary Members I16500.100
Baker, Martin.159Honorary Members II32.33000
Barasi, Paul DL.167NALGO (Met District)44.2562.5020
Barlow, Bertrand A.163Honorary Members I35.3383.331.500
Barlow, Bertrand.163Honorary Members II3133.330.750
Bass, John W.171Railways42.755021
Broad, Michael J.130Railways16 0.201
Brown, Michael St J.171NALGO (Met District)32.3366.671.200
Byrne, Des.118DHSS44.25501.330
Cath, H Martin.161NALGO (Met District)24.501000.800
Chtym, Vlad.126Honorary Members II25250.250
Chtym, Vladimir.126Honorary Members I15500.100
Cook, Gary.155DHSS14500.080
Cresswell, Mike J.131Honorary Members II13500.130
Crichton, Martin.171Transport for London41.50501.600
Cross, Ian K.143BBC656041
Dickens, Rupert S.148BBC43.75501.671
Dimiti, Jose.107DHSS161000.170
Disu, Kayode.179Honorary Members I32500.900
Dunn, Richard S.137NALGO (Met District)16000
Eldridge, Peter W.149Railways25.501000.800
Farnad, Safiullah.142Transport for London55301.500
Fenwick, Hugh F.164NALGO (Met District)24.50500.400
Figueroa, Ed.168Honorary Members II12000
Figueroa, Edison.168Honorary Members I34.33500.900
Fleming, Nigel D.179Honorary Members I52.608040
Gilfillan, Andrew.185Honorary Members I31500.900
Gleave, David H.147DHSS12000
Glotzer, Roland.Honorary Members II33.6766.671.500
Gregory, Philip J.184NALGO (Met District)22500.400
Gudenas, Motiejus.184Honorary Members I22750.600
Haldane, Robin.192NALGO (Met District)3166.671.200
Harper, V Ray.158DHSS52.20502.080
Harrison, Michael D.138BBC55.8087.503.751
Harrison, Nigel.136Honorary Members I14000
Hazell, Eric M.106DHSS25.50000
Hetherington, Carl J.169Railways14500.100
Holroyd, Nigel P.173Railways24500.400
Ibrahimi, Hashim126Transport for London26000
Jackson, Paul G.162Railways5562.503.501
Jaszkiwskyj, Peter.174Honorary Members I33.3316.670.300
Jones, H. Trevor.156Railways131000.200
Kennelly, Paul.159Transport for London23750.600
Kiamil, Dervish.149Transport for London23250.200
Kwoh, William.103Honorary Members II34.3316.670.380
Lee, KH Tony.166Railways33.67500.900
Lunn, Matthew.187Transport for London31500.900
Maanon, Martin.134Transport for London16000
Manelidou, Maria.198Railways111000.200
McDonnell, James J.164NALGO (Met District)32.6766.671.200
McGann, John M.79Honorary Members II16500.130
McGovern, Derek.151Transport for London53301.500
Monk, Goeorge H.133Honorary Members II13000
Morrison, Jules.171Honorary Members I251000.800
Morton, Peter.149Transport for London24750.600
Mugalu, Hassan.151Railways151000.200
Murphy, Ibar.158 Transport for London12500.100
Murphy, Paul.124BBC161000.170
Nash, Richard J.158BBC22.50500.330
O'Gorman, Brendan.151DHSS33.6783.331.250
Pezet, Robert.163DHSS31.67751.251
Phillips, William.151BBC53.60251.671
Ramage, Colin R.159Honorary Members I16500.100
Ramage, Colin.159Honorary Members II11000
Rigby, Colin.155BBC42.7562.501.670
Rohrer, Finlo N.168BBC61.33704.501
Rutkowski, Adrian R.140NALGO (Met District)161000.200
Sherwood, Chris C.176DHSS41250.670
Skinner, Brian.119DHSS63.83251.500
Smith, Martin G.166NALGO (Met District)24.50000
Smith, Mike B.112DHSS4500.671
Taylor, William J.178Railways51.206030
Upton, Ian J.192BBC21500.501
Vuong, Danny.137Transport for London14000
Wickham, Michael.152Honorary Members I131000.200
Wickham, Mike.152Honorary Members II14500.130